Our Philosophy:

Our belief is that training for combat, whether for sport or self-defense, yields optimal results for superior fitness in terms of a healthy lifestyle and physical appearance.  This has been the experience of Archie Luz, head coach/instructor and owner of Undisputed Martial Arts, who has not only trained and prepared champion athletes, but has also led his clients to successful body transformations through varied martial arts training combined with strength conditioning that  incorporates specialized apparatus such as kettlebells and other holistic exercise methods.

In a nutshell, our contention is that training and conditioning as if you’re preparing for a fight (whether or not you ever aspire to step into the ring) is a guaranteed way to shred, sculpt, increase strength and athletic endurance.


Our Programs:

Our Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ & Wrestling are led by some of the greatest and most experienced Champion combat athletes in the Greater Toronto Area as well as some of our top student fighters.

Our programming not only entails comprehensive martial arts instruction but also includes challenging and effective conditioning classes. These classes can be taken on their own and still deliver impressive results in a short span of time, yet combined with martial arts disciplines will result in an optimal advantage for achieving peak physical shape and of course, technical prowess.

Our gym offers everything needed to create a complete fitness package.  When consistently cross training among our varied classes and properly utilizing our facilities, our members benefit from a well-rounded program that achieves prime fitness levels while simultaneously learning highly effective combative techniques.