In this day and age it can be very difficult to commit to a long-term contract. We understand that as our paths change and our careers progress, our lives may take us to other places.

At Undisputed Martial Arts & Fitness, we are dedicated to helping improve your life and wish to provide you with the most flexible options to help achieve your training and fitness goals, without the worry of being tied down.


On our roster, we have professional instructors that are not only champions in their respective disciplines, but are also renowned for their ability to effectively teach their area of expertise.

Because of our “Off the Beaten Path” location, we are able to provide you with the best value in Martial Arts training and Fitness classes.


All prices are before 13% tax

Full Membership – All Access 

with pre-authorized payment* : $100/month

Single Month $130.00

Prepay Options
3 Months – $290.00 ($97/month)

6 Months – $570.00 ($95/month)

12 Months – $1100.00 ($92/month)

Fitness Only 

w/ pre-authorized payments* : $70/month

Single Month $80

Prepay Options
3 Months – $200.00 ($67/month)

6 Months – $390.00 ($65/month)

12 Months – $720.00 ($60/month)

Children/Youth 4-13
3 Months – $299.99

6 Months – $539.99

12 Months – $899.99

*Electronic Funds Transfer (Bank Account) 0r VISA or Mastercard – 30 day cancellation policy



If you’re looking to fast-track your training and get in shape as quickly as possible, or our classes don’t match your busy schedule, Personal Training is available.

We can accomodate training with any of our MMA professionals – we have experts and champions in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Grappling and Wrestling. (Visit Our Team Page)

For those with lower budgets and just looking to get into great shape, inquire about training with one of our apprentice Fitness Instructors for kettlebell training – a guaranteed way to fast-track your fitness level.

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