Primal Conditioning

Primal Conditioning & HIIT Training

HIIT Training - Gym Toronto
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Our bodies were made to move with complete range of motion, in order to coordinate flexibility, strength and endurance. We train not only to supplement our fighting skills, but also for activities we carry through in our everyday lives.

Introducing our Primal Conditioning fitness classes, which will be held on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 7:00pm. Implementing High Intensity Interval Training, utilizing methods and apparatus such as sledge hammers, medicine balls, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, Indian clubs, and many other tools. This class is designed to allow for full range of motion and optimal resistance training for functional movements that our bodies were meant to do.

Expect a completely different workout every time you attend this class as we now have a fitness facility stocked with the best equipment to challenge you from head to toe.